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Why Leather-Free?

NOTE: Kid Friendly Footwear strives to offer only vegan or leather-free footwear. We pledge to do our best to give our customers complete and accurate information about our footwear.

Certified Vegan footwear will be noted in the product description. Footwear that is not certified vegan may not have sought vegan certification, or may have constituent parts (such as glues) of unverified origin.
As of 2019, many footwear manufacturers have begun spraying outsoles with a slurry containing particles of leather, in order to take advantage of reduced tariffs and duties and keep prices lower. (This coating will wear off.) Any footwear styles with leather-treated outsoles will be designated with a note on the product page. If you have concerns about a particular style, please phone or email our shop.

For details see Chapter 64

Why Leather Free?

  • Many shoppers prefer a cruelty-free alternative. Shoes made from non-animal-sourced materials can be as Earth friendly as they are animal friendly!  
  • Most leather is sourced from the animal factory farming/meat industry, which uses Earth’s resources, including water, land, and energy, with less efficiency than alternatives.
  • Some wish to tread on Earth with a more sustainable lighter carbon footprint—one that contributes less to global warming and greenhouse gases than using leather would.
  • Some people simply choose from our leather-free kids' footwear collection because of the quality, value, fun colors, function, and comfort!

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